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We exchange numbers of dialing!
Since March 1 you can use this dial-in numbers:
502-02-50, 502-02-54, 540-11-21, 251-12-12.
Since March 10 number of dialing 537-24-25 will be non-working.

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SuperUnlimited SuperUnlimited is the product basically oriented on hard-loaded people, who is busy 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and cannot imagine their work without Internet. Having good quality you will be disconnected only when your tariff plan is finished.
Dial-up SuperHome Callback
SuperHome SuperHome is a product for people, who use Internet when they are at their apartment. We start at 19.00 and stop at 9.00 next morning. SuperHome users have the possibility to use Internet unlimited during holidays and weekends. SuperHome
Dial-up SuperNight Callback
SuperNight SuperNight is supposed to be the product for geeks and nerds. This is the cheapest offer for Internet framed-based Internet access. Wу starts at 00.00 and finishes at 9.00. SuperNight
Dial-up Super 24 hours Callback
Super 24 hours From 12AM till 12PM, you can get 24 hours of Internet. Choose now your product to be SuperDay 24 Hours! Super 24 hours
Dial-up SuperHour Callback
SuperHour Superweb introduces to its users the fare price to Internet connection. You have a great possibility to use Internet for the cheapest price in Ukraine. SuperHour
Dialin numbers

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