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We, at Superweb, appreciate your decision to become one of our customers and assure you of the highest service and support. Superweb prides itself on being a customer friendly service and are confident you will find the below step by step instructions, on how to create an account, easy to use. We aim to ensure you that will enjoy discovering our service!

Purchase a scratch-card at one of our many reselling points or buy direct from our office and receive an extra 10% for free! Here you can find our office.
On the back of the card you will see a scratch-bar. Scratch this to reveal your personal code.

  1. Log-in on online through our guest account (see back of scratch-card) or through your current account if available.
  2. On our website you will see on the left ‘registration’. Enter your personal log-in and password (chosen by you) and register for your personal account.
  3. Next use your personal account details to login and update your account with the scratch code.

  4. Change your dial up configuration to our network.

Now you are ready to enjoy the full service offered by Superweb!

On our site you can find our terms of service. The following is an overview of the most important points: 

  1. We will not change our tariffs without informing you of any change at least 10 days before.
  2. The cost of the paid services is not subject to change
  3. If you do not select a tariff plan the standard hourly price will automatically take effect.
  4. You can not use our service if there is no money on your account.
  5. The scratch code is valid for a certain time frame, this can be found on the back of your scratch card.
If there is no money on your account and the account has been inactive for 6 months we reserve the right to suspend your account
Terms of use      Terms of payment
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