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Guest account:

You have free access to our web site by entering the following infortmation:

login: super

password: web

Dial-up number: 5372425 , 5372429

Connection timeout: 10 min

Setting up a connection to Superweb:

Double click on My Computer and find Dial Up Networking or Remote Access and double click on the icon.

Select New Connection and double click on it, follow the wizard that now opens.

Connection name: Superweb

Telephone number: 5372425 , 5372429, 2511212, 5401121

Area code: 44

Click next and then Finish.

To connect to Superweb open the Dial Up Networking or Remote Access folder and double click on the connection named Superweb,
a window will open where you should enter your username and password, enter these and click on Connect.

Connection parameters:



Login to mail server:  < registered_login_name >

Password to mail server: your dialup connection password

Your email address will look like: < registered_login_name >

If you have problems with connecting to our network or set up the mail access, feel free to call our customer support in Kiev 2 060 060

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