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The additional dial-in numbers

From the 1st of December you can use this dial-in numbers: 2511212, 5401121

Superweb gives bonus to its customers

Superweb announces that every scratch-code with value 25 and 50 UAH activated after 09/17/2004 00:09 will automatically give to the customer extra 1 and 2 UAH on his balance. It really doesn't matter where you buy the card to get the bonus. The bonus is not given to cards with value of 10 UAH and activated before the above date.

PrivatBank started to sell balance update codes of Superweb

Superweb and PrivatBank has annonced about their cooperation. From June 17 2004 people who live in Kiev have got the possibility to pay for Superweb service with credit cards of VISA and MasterCard as well as with cache. You can get balance update codes with value 10, 25, 50 UAH in 120 ATMs and 65 deparments all over the city.

PrivatBank - is on of the biggest and leading banks of Ukriane. The national network of this bank consists of 1 598 departments. PrivatBank serves plastic cards through 1323 ATM, you can also use 13 675 POS-teminals and 1 700 deparmetns to receive cache.

Buy Superweb cards at departments of Oshadbank

Superweb spreads its sales network all over Kiev trying to minimize your efforts to get prepaid cards. From 26 of May 2004 Superweb Internet cards are available at OshadBank. You will find it very easy to get the cards in nearest OshadBank department in your area. We started cooperation with OshadBank and simultaniuosly emmited to the market new 10 UAH value cards. People from our promotion team will guide you where and how to buy our cards.

Superweb launched new products

On the 30th of April we launched new products. We are looking for the moment, when we can satisfy any desire of our customers. New time-framed products are very easy to activate and use. Forget about running all the time for card, activate one of new products and pay only one time a month.

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